what are Ketogenic diet foods?

what are Ketogenic diet foods?

what are Ketogenic diet foods?

Ketogenic diet foods or keto diet (or in English LCHF for Low Carb High Fat) is a fairly strict diet aimed at consuming very few carbohydrate foodstuffs (like fresh raw, cooked, dried fruits … starchy foods like potato, potato sweet, dough, rice, bread, legumes (split peas, white beans, flageolets …) … and of course all sweet products) and, conversely, ingest.

In the sports world, the Ketogenic diet foods are more and more commonly encountered. Fashion phenomenon or not the ketogenic diet? Info or intox?

The Ketogenic diet foods (or keto diet):

The ketogenic diet foods is a normal caloric diet according to the needs of the organism but in quality very rich in lipids (80% of the daily energy intake) and very low in carbohydrates (50 g maximum per day).

The ketogenic diet foods are a steatogenic diet, therefore different on this point compared to other low-calorie prediction regimes.

As its name suggests, the ketogenic diet foods refer to the production in large quantities (and more than normal!) Of ketone bodies (by the liver) within the body. It is this characteristic that forms the basis of his cellular energy supply mode. We can, therefore, find these ketone bodies in very significant importance at the level of the blood and urinary grounds (this is a question of the strip than… :)).

Note: it is from the liver that the body produces ketone bodies such as acetone (a volatile molecule which gives practitioners of this diet a characteristic foul breath) from lipids during a ketogenic diet, a process which can also be found during prolonged fasting periods (more than 24 hours).

caloric diet according to the needs of the organism

The medicinal properties of the ketogenic diet foods (or keto diet)

This diet has medicinal properties (like fasting) recognized concerning pathologies such as diabetes, epilepsy but also Parkinson, Alzheimer… and certain cancers… On this last point, to put it simply, the advantage of the ketogenic diet, in parallel, is the limitation of the loss of active mass (muscular), because the organism always nourishes itself correctly in energy quantitatively.

My point of view regarding the interest of the ketogenic diet foods (or keto diet) in the sports world

Like any prediction diet, I am not for the continuous ketogenic diet foods during the sports season. The global, the advantage of the ketogenic diet, the varied and diversified diet must be favored in the long term because each food has its own macro- and micronutrition virtues.

If this diet has virtues regarding satiety (with decreased appetite), weight regulation, it unbalances the acid-base balance as acidifying (with all the consequences in the tissues that we know) and promotes fatigue in the medium term.

Field feedback is numerous at this level. Part of the diet is eliminated (legumes, cereals, and derivatives, fruits, …) and therefore it is important to bring in parallel certain fiber supplements, vitamins, and antioxidants, which in chronic is unnatural for the body ( Look for the error there too!;)).

However, we can set up this type of food on an ad hoc basis for 1 to 2 months maximum and return in the meantime to a larger “balanced” model or find a more flexible intermediary where the carbohydrate share is greater while still being fairly low overall on the daily ration (carbohydrates can be raised to 150-200g per day instead of the maximum 50g for the strict ketogenic diet).

By zapping the carbohydrate source, we short-circuit an entire energy axis which is highly demanded with effort (carbohydrate metabolism enzymes, reactive reactions / non-stimulated products, the intestinal sphere with the associated flora disturbed as we know its importance concerning the absorption, immunity, eating behavior, digestion and prevention of digestive disorders, transit, etc.).

In the end, (with all the consequences in the tissues that we know) you should know that the eviction of natural foods must be integrated when a real intolerance or allergy exists, or if there is a proven disgust for this or that food at the organoleptic level. Then, it is the notion of frequency-quantity of intake, which is important which sensitizes the organism, notion of 48 hours at the level of cellular memory.

Bring chronically what is favorable and punctually what is less good for the athlete. This does not imply crowding out and allows variety without necessarily the appearance of clinical/paraclinical signs unfavorable for performance and health in general.

Food is a whole and not just one or a few food (s), there are interactions between each, and all complement each other. When a sportsman or woman must take food supplements in chronic when he makes ketogenic diet food (or other) in prevention, paradoxically, for his health, I find that unfounded!

Look for the error => We crowd out natural foods to supplement with cachets or tablets!

If we reduce nutrition by focusing on the effect of isolated consumption of food correlated with performance, we are more in the context of analytical research than the practical implementation in the field of positive nutrition for your body. There are interactions and synergies of actions between all the nutrients, so we cannot reason that way. It is as if we just take the relationship of gluten with performance or cholesterol in cardiovascular incidence, it is lost in advance because there are a multitude of parameters and interconnected causes.

Note: I bring you a week of ketogenic menus for greater ease of use.

The ketogenic diet foods or keto in 3 quick questions/answers

What is the ketogenic or keto diet?

It is a diet aimed at consuming few carbohydrates (50g max per day) and a lot of foods rich in lipids (80% of the daily energy intake).

How is the ketogenic or keto diet different from other diets?

It modulates the metabolism while preventing feelings of hunger, it is, therefore, a steatogenic diet and not a prediction diet.

Is the ketogenic or keto diet suitable for athletes?

Done on an ad hoc basis, this diet is particularly interesting for weight regulation. Be careful not to do it for a full season.


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